My services
All things in 2D and 3D Compositing is what I do
Cleanup & Paint

I can clean up your footage and remove any unwanted elements from your shot.

Example of clean ups:

  • Removal of modern items in a historical feature
  • Removal of Crew or On-set equipment
  • Removal of smudge and dirt
  • Wire Removal
  • Removal of anything that destroys the illusion of the frame
CG Integration

I can integrate any CG elements rendered into the footage whether it is CG creatures, buildings or props.

CG Integration Examples:

  • CG Creatures
  • CG Environment like buildings and landscapes
  • CG Props for set-dressing shots.

Putting background behind actors and environments shot on blue or green screen.

FX Composites

Enhancing the shot with explosions, snow, rain, smoke, muzzle flashes or any other FX whether it is a 2d effect or created in 3d.


  • Muzzle flashes
  • Explosions, smoke, and fire
  • Weather effects like snow and rain
Environment Enhancement & Set Extension

Make the set look more epic with CG set extension or matte paintings.


  • Background Matte paintings
  • CG Set Extension
Beauty Work

Fixing makeup, fixing skin, or making the actors look younger or older is what beauty work is all about.


  • De-aging
  • Makeup and skin fixes
  • Digital Makeup
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